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There are many ways you can support the Power of One Solar Car Project!

Help the project and improve your company's internal PR, moral and motivation, by inviting your employees to participate in the project.

Sponsor Us

The Power of One Solar Car Project is always looking for sponsors.

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"Adopt-a-Kilometer" gives you and/or your company an opportunity to participate in the project in a very convenient way! We'll be travelling over 16,000km (10,000miles), one KM at the time and every bit of help goes a long way.

Each KM you adopt helps us get closer to set a new distance record, and you can adopt a KM for as little as $5.00 dollars each. Adopt 1,000 KM or more and we'll place your name (or company name) on the solar car.

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Wish List

The following is a list of what we need. If you have some of these items we would greatly appreciate your help. We will also gladly consider any item that you feel useful for the project but is not listed here.

Let us know the market value of your contribution, and we will give you sponsorship exposure accordingly. Find out more about how to become a sponsor.

Some of the material listed below are only required for the duration of the tour and can be returned upon its completion.


- Work tent (event tent)
- Fuel for support vehicles
- Vehicles; 1 regular vehicle or mini vans (strategy and Chase vehicles,usage expected for 2 months)
- Cell phones, or satellite phones and usage charges
- Signage, posters, decals
- Computers
- Projector
- Radio communication equipment


- Tool boxes


- Safety road harness (vest)
- Safety road flags
- Signage


- Marketing (to help promote the project with a professional image)
- Production company to develop and or create a documentary
- Publisher


- Public relations, good communications skills
- "On the road". people to accompany the tour
- Ground support, especially if you live in any of the cities where we will be stopping (e.g. coordinate location of stops, directions,events, etc...)