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September 25, 2001

Today the RWDI/Xof1 team went to the University of Waterloo for a visit. We were hosted by Greg Thompson, UofW solar car team manager.

We want to thank Greg for taking time aside from his busy schedule to patiently show us the solar car and for his willingness to answer questions and share his knowledge. UofW has a reputation for being friendly and helpful. Today they went the extra mile to accommodate our visit.

UofW finished 3rd at the ASC in July and now they are getting ready for the WSC (Australia) in November. We wish them the best of luck!!!

Also, below you will see some pictures of the first xof1 test model.
One of the UofW solar car team work areas. Greg Thompson shows Scott Gamble (right) and Shawn Walker (left) the solar car.
Greg explains the steering mechanism.
(From left to right)
Shawn Walker, Dean MacLanders, Scott Gamble and Greg Thompson.
Steering mechanism.
Roll bar.
The solar array, front view.
The solar array, rear view.
Telemetry box (left) and the MPPTs (right).
The aluminum was soldered impeccably, very impressive!
Brake pedal.
Main electric box.
A look at the inside of the front, showing the turn signal.
The Midnight Sun has 3 wheels; 2 in the front and 1 at the back.
This is the right front wheel. To allow for a better turn, part of the faring opens like a door allowing the wheel to travel further
The rear wheel drives the car, note the compact motor attached to the wheel.
Close up view of the turn signal, 3 high intensity LEDs.
Turn signal, beautifully done.
Solar array and front nose, note the solar cell wire connection.
Underside of the solar array.
Motor wheel (rear).
Front wheel.
Underside of the solar array.
End of the visit.
(Left to right)
Greg Thompson, Dean MacLanders, Scott Gamble and Shawn Walker.
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