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October 1, 2001.

Meeting at RWDI's office (Guelph, ON) to discuss how to proceed with the car's design and testing.

The car had been designed with 4 wheels, however, a change in the design to 3 wheels is under consideration.

A 4 wheel design is more stable but heavier than a 3 wheel design.

A 3 wheel design may have more air drag than a 4 wheel design.

A model will be built to accommodate changes to the number of wheels, front nose and the canopy to find the most aerodynamically efficient design.

It is important to have a design with minimum drag since most of the energy is used to overcome wind resistance.

A preliminary computer analysis of the present design will be tested first.

Dean McLanders, Steve Reddick, Marcelo da Luz, Shawn Walker, Doug Sillery and Jack Netzke (not in the picture).