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January 31, 2009

Arcada, Ca - Redway, Ca
By John Schaefer;

Saturday January 31 left David Katz’s after lunch, drove to Redway arriving at night after viewing redwoods, drive through tree, ran into curb at AEE and broke suspension. Left car at KMUD parking lot. Took David’s Volvo up hill, guided by computer map and got thoroughly lost. Returned down hill and using written instructions finally arrived at David’s house, equipped with internet and everything. Found rat in laundry room

Uncovering the solar car early in the morning to show the solar car to some new found friends of all ages
Ops, the fried zener diode
John with Bruce Sherry online getting info on "Batman", David Katz making contacts.
Anne Katz, sharing her story on camera about the first encounter with XOF1, "I thought it was a UFO"
First clouds to be seeing in many days.
The open clear sky disappeared under the majestic giant redwood trees darkening the road
Heads lights required at all times while driving on the avenue of giants
Zoon zoon goes XOF1 in the shade of a magnificent forest
Driving under a giant redwood tree. XOF1 become the first solar car to drive under a tree
It's official, John is a tree hugger!
Monkey see monkey do, Marcelo hugging a tree.
Have you hugged a tree today?
Bad parking job!
Marcelo thinking he was driving on the Dempster highway