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February 01, 2009

Redway, Ca - Laytonville, Ca

By John Schaefer,

Arose and rolled down hill to Redway, had blueberry pancakes at Redway diner. Found numerous helpers at KMUD, include Dan with obnoxious dog, lots of chatty folks. KMUD interviewed Marcelo. M replaced broken tie rod end. I expoxyed broken fairing but badly, so it couldn't be installed without hampering steering. Left about 2pm arrived Laytonville after dark. Stayed in cabins behind restaurant, which unfortunately is now closed. Dinner at Mex drivein, watched Terminator starring Arnold.

The near impossible to find David Katz home in the mountains. Amazing of the grid home!
The photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful view.
Fog cold morning.
Marcelo, Dan and John busy at work
The solar array pointing towards the yet to be seeing sun.
While charging the batteries,
The broken tie rod end.
Mickey interviewing John and Marcelo live on KMUD
John and Dan working on the front left fairing.
By early afternoon, batteries were full, the car was ready, the sun was shining.
Marcelo, Dan and John.
A view from a camera mounted in the canopy