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February 02, 2009

Laytonville, Ca - Santa Rosa, Ca
By Bret O'Connor

It was just a normal day at the Solar Living Institute in Hopland until the Xof1 solar car came in followed by the police. The police told Marcelo that he could not drive the car, but he was able to use the 1949 Geneva Treaty to get back on the road. I had to choose in 10 minutes whether I was going to spontaneously jump on the solar tour or not. I quickly put some essentials in a bag and we headed off. The support vehicle has the best seat in the house because when we are following the Xof1 we get to see the many reactions of people.

We eventually arrived in Santa Rosa and created a commotion in the neighborhood of Chris. Marcelo explained to the kids the basics of the solar car. I was quickly pushed into the procedure of being a volunteer for the solar car. We stayed the night at Chris's house working late on fixing
computer problems. I would say that this is an adventure of a lifetime.

Motel in Laytonville
The friendly CHiP's officers and XOF1 on the side of the road 5 miles from Hopland
CHP officer escorted the solar car to the Solar Living center, thanks!
Giving a demonstration next to a giant metal lady and employees of Real Goods.
Neighborhood kids gather at John's son, Chris.
The kids try to catch up to the solar mobile.
Nighttime decisions of parking in a neighbor's lawn.
XOF1 across the street at the neighbors yard, ready to capture the sun tomorrow morning.
Apples versus PC. Which ones crash more often at
Chris's house.