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June 02, 2009

Denton, MD - Laurel, MD - 112.8 Miles

By Josh

Today we organized a press event at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). My sister does PR for the WWF, and set up a media event. We were allowed to shower in the gym facilities in their green and energy efficient building. Marcelo started off the event with a slideshow and question and answer session about the solar car. Everyone was thrilled to see the pictures of wildlife that he had encountered on his first solar car run through Canada. After a few questions about the tour, a crowd gathered outside the building around the car. Marcelo showed a first batch of onlookers the basics of XOF1 operation, and took a pin around the block. We met with the president and the CEO of the company, who both had to get some shots next to the car. While talking to some higher level executives from WWF, Marcelo had to pause to acknowledge a local school group that had stopped by to see the presentation after class.  As usual, Marcelo placed the focus on inspiring and spreading knowledge and excitement about renewable and sustainable alternative energy. After the event was done, my sister recommended some great Thai food for the crew. We ordered some carryout, and proceeded to head for Don’s house. I ran out of the car near the White House to get some good photos, but lost the van while running around. I went on to take a few pictures of the White House, while apparently the rest of team was pulled over by secret service for driving the trailer near the White House. The trailer was thoroughly searched, and I had the opportunity to head north for a different shot of the White House.  I set up the camera in the middle of the street for a decent shot of the XOF1 in front of the White House. After we evaded trouble from the authorities, the team headed back to Don Patterson’s house. Fighting heavy traffic, we got in rather late, and quickly opted for some shut eye.

Laura Peruzzi;
Back at the Patterson’s basement munching on leftover spicy thai food from lunch and I’m writing my first press release about our encounter with the secret service and D.C. police. Their attention was more on the trailer than on the solar car. Apparently there is a no truck zone that we just barreled right through while trying to get close to the White House. Josh, excited, sprints from the van with the video camera as we turn the opposite way to end up stopping short with sirens and blue lights behind us. They search the trailer for explosives and other contraband and pay little mind to the solar car itself. After about 20 minutes we are clear to go and on the lookout for Josh, roaming the streets of D.C. With our camera man back in the van we stop for some photos at the Washington monument then head back to Laurel.
Josh had set up a demo for the car at WWF where his sister works in PR. The presentation goes well and even the President/CEO wants to get in the driver’s seat. The people at WWF were great, and so excited too! They let us use the showers in the gym and gave us organic cotton T-shirts with the familiar panda logo. Right now they have a crew filming in the Galapagos and are doing amazing things all over the world like distributing solar panels to homes in Nepal and utilizing rural areas of developing countries to harness solar power. Their efforts to preserve biodiveristy and global conservation projects are so inspiring, I’d love to join their team someday.

On the road again.
Jamie taping the car up for driving over the bridge.
Driving over a bridge to get to Laurel.
Solar car in D.C.
Arriving at the World Wildlife Fund's headquarters in DC.
The president of WWF.
Marcelo doing a demonstration for WWF.
Marcelo showing Xof1 of the WWF staff
A pre-school attended the demonstration as well.
Josh and his sister Amanda.
Xof1 in front of the Lincoln memorial.
sunset at a memorial.
This firestation crew was great. They changed the traffic light for us so we could
make a u-turn.
Getting pulled over by the "secret service" as we passed by the white house.
Josh hanging with a polar bear.