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January 23, 2008

Brookings / Harbor, Or
It was a beautiful morning,

Marty being interviewed by Candice from KBSC Television
Even Sheri and Steve got to go on camera.
Allen and Marcelo,
KBSC camera man capturing XOF1 in action!
Our turn to point the cameras at the media people. Smile, you are on XOF1 :)
Bo preping of the XOF1's fairings, high five!
Wax on, wax off..."hey I thought I was done!"
Allen and Christian exchanging rings, tape that is.
Missy focused on the job.
Area 51

Marty, closing the doors of the paint booth, to work his magic!
XOF1 inside the paint booth.

It does look alienish
Missy, Christian and Bo taking a well deserved 5.
The boys take over the kitchen, work in progress.
We wish we knew what we were doing!