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February 04, 2009

Sacramento, Ca

By John Schaefer,
Nice stay at Tim and Lisa Townsend’s. Tim provided guidance up Pole Line Rd past PVUSA, along Hwy 5 frontage Rd through West Sac, over Tower Bridge, around Capitol and into Towe Auto Museum. Nice crowd of about 50 mostly older folks attended M’s scheduled presentation. Drove car to Elaine Hebert’s, then went out to dinner with Michael Welch, partner Debra, (?), and Elaine. Spent night at Elaine’s.


By Bret O'Connor

The neighbors were alright with us charging the solar car in their driveway to capture the best sunlight. Tim and Lisa were definitely some cool hosts. We enjoyed listening to the song Solar Sex Panel by Little River when Tim played it. Marcelo needs a new computer and I ended up battling computer viruses to get his outlook to work. We had been having a difficult time with the gps system, so it was good that Tim was able to lead us to UCDavis and Sacramento.

When we passed by the capitol building in Sacramento we were hoping to show off to the governor, but they were in a budget meeting. The Xof1 drove right into the Towe Museum and we gave a presentation to a very interested crowd. The contrast between the old and the new was powerful. Here we saw some classic automobiles such as an electric motorcycle and the EV1.

The solar team, the dentists, and a friendly dog named Buster are
taking in the solar rays in a neighbor's yard.
Tim, Bret, Professor Andy Frank, John, and Marcelo at UCDavis
University explaining to students about the features of the solar car.
On our way to Sacramento
Solar car in Sacramento going through the Tower Bridge.
Solar car and support van at the capitol building in Sacramento.
Coming the other direction towards the Tower bridge.
Marcelo telling of his adventures at the Towe Museum in
Sacramento. The car looks so sweet under these conditions.
The visitors at the museum finally got a chance to look under the
We got to see the slick EV1. This is only 1 of the 12 remaining
electric vehicles created by GM.