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May 16, 2009

Key West, FL - 4.8 miles

By Josh.
Today, we woke up with a bright and sunny photo opportunity in front of the Southernmost Point Hotel. We spent the day working on the car at Alan’s house. Alan showed me how to check the weather using radar and satellite imagery from official websites. Alan is very experienced with technology and travel, as he is a navy veteran. We saved the photos from our journeys, and maintained the solar car and van. After a restful afternoon watching a graphic depiction of Exodus on the History Channel, we left for the hotel. The Southernmost Point Hotel offered to host us again in exchange for presenting the XOF1. They let us stay a second night for free, and we finally got to relax on the bright, white beach in sunny Key West. The beach, pool, and downtown area are all near the hotel! Alan and Marcelo showed off the XOF1 to inquisitive locals, and got some donations for the trip. We also met Valerio, the newest addition to the solar car team! He studies aero acoustic engineering, and is really excited to volunteer to help the XOF1. Michael, Valerio, Jamie, and I went for some food. We were able to get some ice cream, drinks at the beach bar, and a nice view of the sunset on the pier. Marcelo didn’t feel like dinner, but We heard a really great reggae DJ who was singing some awesome Bob Marley tunes. The sky was clear, and there were more stars and the sky than I’ve seen for some time.

Packing up our bags.
Judy and a co-worker at The Southernmost Point Hotel. The rooms were amazing.
Our first introduction to Valerio and his friend, both engineering students from Europe.
Marcelo trying to blow a conch. Nice try!
Xof1 getting some rays on the beach front.
Xof1 had to stay at Alan's for the night.
Mag-pie getting some zz's.
As well as the rest of the crew.
Xof1 hanging out at the Southernmost Point Hotel in Key West.
Time for an ice cream break!
Alan, our temporary crew member. He did an awesome job explaining the details about Xof1.
Even pigeons like the car.