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January 29, 2009

Arcata, Ca
By Marcelo;
It was an easy day, except by the ongoing computer problems. Got a new volunteer John Schaefer to drive the "sag wagon", and Allen got a ride home. So, life is progressing in solar car land to push the record a bit further. Since John was only available late this afternoon I decided to get back on the road tomorrow. Looking forward to "on the road again". We had a very busy day yesterday, it was nice to take it easy today. Tressie invited us to go hiking. I almost passed on the opportunity, feeling guilty by not getting the updates done but with my computer out of commission there wasn't much I could do. So, why not. Well, glad I did. It was a beautiful day, warm. We went to Patrick's Point. Soon after walking in the park we came a cross a fox, it didn't seem to mind us. It crossed in front of us, we stopped took photos. as we started walking it also went away. Allen, got all excited about the park and must have taken one photo every 40 feet, he documented the trail really well, taking photos of birds, insects, trees, the vegetation in general and the beautiful view of the pacific ocean.

We climbed some rocks, I did some filming, Allen took more photos while Tressie patiently show us around. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Soon after getting back to Arcata, met Allen went home to Arcata. I took on Anne Katz offer to stay at her place, there I met with John Schaefer to plan the route for the next legs. Getting to Sacramento will be interesting. In spite of the fact that the solar car can drive at highway speeds. The slower it drive, the further it can go. Besides, often there are people taking photos or filming the solar car. I much rather prefer to drive on secondary roads when ever possible. We came across some interesting roads crossing the Napa valley. Looking forward to the scenic drive.

A fox passing by check us out.
Tressie enjoying the view of the pacific ocean.
Tressie and Allen happy trails!
Anne, Marcelo and John checking out the route on back roads to Sacramento.