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February 03, 2009

Santa Rosa, Ca - Davis, Ca

By John Schaefer;

Santa Rosa Press Democrat sent a photographer and reporter out to Chris’s neighbor’s lawn. Nice video and story. Went to Procter Terrace Elementary School and then to Santa Rosa Accelerated Advanced Charter School. Then set out for Davis using clusterfuck computer mapping; computer Locked up several times, and mouse died. Passing through Fairfield, the local police stopped us. Computer mapping failed us several times. Photographer Fred from Davis Enterprise led the caravan to Tim Townsend’s house on Jardin Place. Nice dinner at Thai restaurant in Davis.


By Bret O'Connor;

The neighbor finally got to see what was in his yard all night long. The Xof1 received some good solar power in the morning. The Press Democrat came out and took some in depth footage. We later found out that they made a really nice video of the Xof1 on their website.

We went to Proctor Terrace Elementary School and the many kids there were blown away by the Xof1. The kids asked many questions and finally screamed "Go Solar Car!"

Morning ice in Santa Rosa
Setting up array in neighbor's yard.
Chris, Amy, and Vinca Rose.
Press Democrat creating an amazing
video special on the solar car.
Tons of children gathered around to here
the stories of the adventure thus far.
Kids at Proctor Terrace has a lot of questions
concerning the car.
Santa Rosa Accelerated Advanced Charter School.
The sun was being engulfed by these beautiful trees.
Vineyards on our way to Davis, CA
To the left is our solar car protection unit. We had
Cactus at the Mexican Restaurant close by.
We had long stretches of road with no gas station in site
for the support vehicle. The solar car was loving it.
The camera was strapped with some sticky tape onto the
Xof1. The support vehicle was just waiting to see a camera
come bouncing along the road.
Bret was in the back of the news photographer's car when grabbing
this shot of the Xof1 and support vehicle.
The photographer helped us cruise to our destination
Nighttime cruising
Fred (the photographer) and Bret at Tim and Lisa's house.