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June 03, 2009

Laurel, MD - Washington, DC - Ashburn, VA - 65.7 Miles

By Josh:

We woke up bright and early to do some presentations at local schools. We finally got in touch with Eloise from Brazilian TV. She brought her son to the press event, along with a camera man to send the footage of her interview to Brazil. We first attended a middle school presentation right around the corner from Don’s house. The students had many questions, and they were pretty amazed when the solar car went for a spin. They weren’t nearly as excited though, as was the elementary school we saw next. Forest Ridge Elementary. Their school has been named a green school, and the event was covered by the Baltimore Sun. I also decided to fast today, and so I had a whole different kind of energy level; pure adrenaline. We then raced to the Capitol building to meet press, but to no avail. Alas, we were a bit too late. Jeff and Cory from Nugen, the company that makes Marcelo’s motor, controllor, and spare wheel, came close by in their Subaru. I was walking alongside the solar car, and I jumped inside the back of Jeff’s car to get some shots of the front of the XOF1. I held on for dear life and attempted to keep a steady We went to the EPA afterwards, and got to have another slideshow presentation for Charles Garlow. Several EPA employees, law students, and law clerks attended, and w