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March 31, 2010

Dreydan, ON to Saskatoon, SK



By Lydia


We descended from the wooded hills north of Lake Superior down to the vast Canadian plains. Driving across Canada is eye opening for me. Citiies and towns are much more sparse than in the US. Canada's population is approx. 30M as compared to the US population of approx. 300M. Here, it is easy to drive for several hours and only see small towns, stretches of farmland, untouched woods and lakes. I find it refreshing to see more open spaces than I am accostomed to.


All day, we fought strong headwinds. It is amazing how stong the winds are across the planes. We noticed that our ride slowed down considerably. I imagine this would be a perfect place to see more wind mills to harness all of this wind power!


Lake Simcoe - a full moon to guide our night-time travels. This is where Marcelo first tested the car on ice by driving on the lake

Cloudy morning in the hills north of Lake Superior

Would you like to take a hike here? I would.

Enough showing off Mr. Monkey - no more monkey business

Hello Manitoba!


A sky horse


Rolling plains, endless farms

Home sweet Portage la Prarie





Almost to Saskatoooon!!!!



We took the Trans-Canada Highway and continued west on Route 16


A wholly bear caterpillar


Hooray for some snow!! It has been surprisingly warm here and we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Roadside artwork


See the flag outside? Yep, we spent several hours driving into a fierce wind.