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March 29, 2010

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto - on the road again!!!!!





By Lydia

Last day in Toronto. First day on the road! We woke up early to take care of last minute packing. After several hours of packing and getting Marcelo's house organized and locked up, we headed up to Pickering to collect the trailer from Peter's house.

The van drives much smoother with a full load of supplies. About 1/4 of the van is packed full of extra tires for the solar car. We also have a full set of tools, computers, cameras, gps units, many layers of clothes, emergency kit and camping gear. (Though I'm curious to see how much camping we do in the arctic, with average temperatures currently at -20 degrees Celsius!)

When we attached the trailer to the van, we noticed that the electric brakes were making a humming sound. we were concerned that they were not properly hooked up for the trailer. So, we headed directly to a U-haul location. After a brief stop at U-haul in Scarborough, we were directed to a location with a mechanic up in Oshawa.

We made it to the U-haul in Oshawa at 6:56pm just before they closed at 7:00pm. JP met us at the U-haul location to give us a proper send off from Toronto.

A big hooray for the mechanics who helped us! They spent the next 2 hours fixing the hookup to the trailer brakes. At 9:00pm, we finally set off.

We now have a full moon to guide our travels. Our next goal is to be in Edmonton by Thursday. On Friday, we will have the solar car on display at the Telus World of Science in Edmonton.

... Stay tuned for Marcelo's update coming soon!





A send off from Peter's house

A send off from JP

At U-haul working on the brakes

Mmmmm - Poutine! French fries, gravy and cheese.

Full moon over lake Simcoe