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July 24, 2009

Arctic Chalet / Inuvik - 9.7 miles

By Marcelo

By Claire

By Anne

By Laura

By Josh

Solar car on display at Inuvik Recreation Center
Come to the light!
Peter's new vehicle. XOF1 parked outside Peter and Sue's home, conviniently next to the trampoline, jump right in.
We got a personalized tour of Inuvik by Peter Clarkson, Igloo church
Heaven is waiting for Anne, Laura and Claire, just climb the ladder
Beautifull ceiling
An old hockey arena converted to a green house. Congratulations Inuvik!
An inside look at the green house. Wow! a green house in the Arctic!
Cool mural inside the recriational centre
Crew waiting for Marcelo to get out of the trampoline, c'mon kid we are hungry!
Josh, Laura, Anne, Sue, Peter and Marcelo celebrating the arrival of the solar car
Claire's hand getting personalized attention from Sue. Those stickes have to go!
Organic soap for organic Anne. Thanks for helping out!
Back at the Arctic Challet, Josh finally trimmed his beard after arriving in Inuvik