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June 04, 2009

Silver Springs, MD - Ashburn, VA - Silver Springs, MD
By Jamie T.

We left Charlie's to go to Nugen again and pick Xof1 up. Hanging out at Nugen's shop was one of my favorite parts of the tour. We got to see some of their motors and vehicles that they install the motors in. We also got to see them test xof1's motor on a dyno, which I haven't seen done yet. This machine tested the torque and speed of the motor and controller to make sure that everything was running properly. Before leaving the shop, Jeff gave Laura and I some material to make Jewerly with. This consisted of copper wire, washers, nuts, and even some spare spacers used to create the gap between the rotor and stator of axial flux motors. So cool!!! Then Jeff mentioned that he's always thought that resistors would make cool earrings so he gave us a few of those as well.

After leaving the shop we went back to Charlie's for the night. They were having a surprise party for him for his birthday. There was lots of good food and good company - several people from the Electric Vehicle Association were there.

By Josh

Early in the morning I woke up to the Rex & Gus bark orchestra. The Garlow family dogs could easily fulfill the average rooster responsibilities as far as making sure everyone rises up with the sun. We went to Nugen as quickly as possible to check up on the motor. When we arrived, some work still had to be done, and so Laura and I did some work while the Nugen crew finished up with the motor. It was really exciting getting to see them testing the motor. We decided that the XOF1 had about 96V, and couldn’t make the drive for Baltimore press that evening. So the team concluded that we should pay Charles another visit, as he extended his home to us once more for lodging, and it was most certainly on the way to Baltimore. With the solar car packed in the trailer, (again!) we headed for Charles’ house for his 60th birthday surprise party . I told his daughter Kaitlin over the phone to keep our arrival a surprise…it worked! Charles and his guests were so excited to see the solar car, and many of them are working on electric vehicles themselves. I talked for a bit with Joe, who is helping Charles and his dog Rex with the development and planning of their own Transamerica trek. Charles was eager to take the time to learn more about Marcelo’s project, and so I helped him set up his in home projector and screen. The remaining solar power party-goers gathered around to hear of Marcelo’s Arctic voyages. After many wonderful conversations, I played a couple of my favorite songs on the piano. A Sonata in C major 545 K. by Mozart and a Liebestraum by Franz Liszt capped off the entertainment; but not until Charles introduced us to the humanatone, which he calls a nose flute. This instrument resembles a whistle driven by nasal power. I still laugh every time I play it. We kept the same sleeping arrangements, and were so happy to get to spend more time with The Garlow family.

Laura Peruzzi;
During the boardroom pizza party at the NuGen office I digest my hot cheesy slice along with the information on gap differentials and their relation to speed and torque. A thinner gap increases the speed but decreases the acceleration power. In effect, we can increase top speed to 100mph but end up sacrificing the 0-60 in 5 seconds to a turtle start of 7 seconds instead. They have repaired the motor and controller and have the motor spinning on a test wheel with a computer system monitoring speed, temperature, torque and more! After lunch, Jeff offers Jamie and I the finest in industrial jewelry: wire for bracelet braiding, nuts for beads, resistor earrings and the team has matching black rubber rings- Solar Power!
We return to Charlie’s place in Silver Springs, MD and just in time for his 60th Birthday Party! After introductions, the whole party walks out in the rain to the trailer parked down the street to see the solar car. The doors open and flashlights click on as Charlie’s friends from the EVA ooh and aah at the solar car. We snack on cheese and hummus, crackers, fruit and dip and guzzle down wine with the guests. The mechanic making Charlie’s soar electric ride is there as well as Chip, the mechanic who helped us out with the trailer last week. Chip comes from a family of engineers and converted a Ford Escort to run on solar-electric power 16 years ago!

Jeff, Corry, and Sethi working diligently on xof1.
Putting xof1 in the trailer to bring it to Baltimore.
Apparently Nugen makes jewelry as well as electric motors. Jeff was kind enough to give Laura and I neoprene rings.
Jamie making a bracelet with the copper wire and washers that Jeff gave us.
Ukulele playing.
Laura making Josh a friendship bracelet.
Showing xof1 at to some EVA people at Charlie's surprise birthday party.
Charlie and his motorcycle mechanic Rob. Keep a look-out for Charlie as he crosses the country in his electric motorcycle.
Details at
Charlie's surprise party.
Chip and Jamie. Chip has his own electric car and bike. He also fixed the trailer for us. Thanks Chip!