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March 03, 2009

Goleta, Ca - Santa Barbara, Ca - Goleta, Ca

By Jos;

Today was a good day. Sun, fun & friends. My old team mate from the Palo Alto high school robotics team is going to school in Santa Barbara and was kind enough to let us crash at his place for the night (Clark you and your house mates kick ass). The morning started well with a good clear sky when it was meant to be raining. After setting up the array we were finally able to take care of our selves and get showers and breakfast. At about 2 the battery we completely full! This was the first time in the whole trip we were able to get this aside from when we set off from Palo Alto. In the afternoon we drove to the down town area and ventured on to the peer with the solar car where it was welcomed by a group on curious on lookers and a gang of small kids. We got some very nice shots on the cameras so you should definitely check those out. Tonight we are going to pick up Michael from LAX. He is flying in from Holland so it should be cool to have another dutch guy with us ;-D Go Netherlands!

by Marcelo

What a roller coaster, one day the forecast calls for rain but it is sunny, hope is down, hopes is up. We woke up to a a beautiful and perfect solar car day, the batteries got fully charged from nearly empty in only 6 hours, amazing! We got excited with the early charged completion and drove the car down to Santa Barbara pier. We witness all kinds of reactions on the drive, people smiling, waving, taking photos, pointing, wowing and delighted by the sight of the solar car.

Upon arrival at the pier it didn't take long people were stepping out of stores and restaurants to take a peak at the car. I armed myself with a camera inside the car and also took photos of people taking photos of the car. It is kind of funny, I lost my "invisibility shield", the uncoated visor replacement is transparent, people can now see me inside the car. When XOF1 had its coated windshield was impossible to see inside. I used to joke when people were having their photos taken by the side of the car by saying "I am smiling", naturally they couldn't see me smiling, they all had a good laugh.

We drove nearly 30 miles, and still had lots of battery to spare but it won't be enough to get to Los Angeles on battery alone, we'll need the sun tomorrow.

The highlight of the day was the return of Michael to the project. He was involved with the tour in Dawson City, Yukon Territory back in August/September. In spite of 15 hours of flying and 13 hours time difference he still had his
His bubbly personality and enthusiasm. Great to have you back on the project Michael

Michael live in the Netherlands, he is doing an internship with the project.

Jos and out host Clark and Rob
Backing up into the street
Andrew and Jos on the support vehicle
Jos with an XOF1 EV grim :)
KO, exploring her artistic photo skills
A couple froze on the side walk, mesmerized by the solar car. Well, at least the guy froze
A lady going through her bag to get her camera on time to snap a shot of the solar car
More XOF1 smiles captured on camera, they took a photo of the solar car, Marcelo took their photo.
XOF1 smiles, visitors to the pier peaking at the solar car
What a view!
For a chance, the view of the solar car changed to palm trees and the ocean. T-shirt weather, yeah!
This kid had a birds eye view of the solar car
KO, Marcelo (not wearing a blue t-shirt? was that possible?) and Jos
KO, Marcelo, Andrew, Jos and Robert
A friendly casual photographer took a photo of the solar car, and, got her photo taken from the car
Beautiful view of XOF1 at the pier
Hey, what happened to the driver?
A small crowd gathering by the solar car
The enthusiastic crowd got the opportunity to learn a bit more about the solar car
Talking to kids about the project
The kids were so excited they wanted to know everything about the car. What is this?, what is that?, etc...
The kids took turn trying out XOF1 cool Microptical display
1, 2, 3, solar car!!!!
bye bye solar car!
XOF1 smiles
XOF1 and its support vehicle didn't get charged, thanks!
The cashier complimented us on the project, "you are doing a good thing" I can't charge you.
Well, at least he took a photo of the car. Now he can prove to his friends, No only UFO's do exist, one landed at his pier :)
Back on the road, people exiting stores to catch a glance of XOF1
This friendly lady didn't stop smiling, she got across the street, stopped on the corner and couldn't contain herself, smiling and making positive remarks about the car. Thanks!
Climbing to the top
Land surfers?
These two surfers were skate boarding in the middle of the street with surf boards underneath their arms. They had quite a reaction when they saw the solar car. Hey dud! what .... is that?
At night heading back home after eating some yummy pizzas. The car was parked outside the restaurant, every so often we had to run to the car and ask people not to touch it. Guilt free meal, the exercise of the occasional running canceled some of the calories
In college town, two college girls stopped by to check out the solar car at night.
Michael Feith is back!
He joined XOF1 in Dawson City for 3 weeks back in August/September while XOF1 took a detour and drove around Alaska.

It's "on the road again!!!"